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We understand that you can feel overwhelmed with the options you face. Our pregnancy care center is here to assist you no matter what decision you make and to make sure that your decision is an informed one. There are some important facts that need to be considered concerning abortion. Prior to having an abortion, it is important that you get your pregnancy confirmed. It can be possible that you are experiencing pregnancy symptoms or a missed period for several different reasons. Even if you have taken a home test, it is important to get another test so you can be sure of the results. Book an appointment so you can meet with our trained staff who can assist you in determining how far along you are with free pregnancy testing and ultrasound. An ultrasound is a highly effective way to determine the health of the pregnancy and is vitally important for your safety.

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If you have already had an abortion then you are in need of Abortion Recovery Resources. We highly recommend you visit "Her Choice to Heal" finding spiritual and emotional peace after abortion. 

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