Dear Supporters of Change Point,

We are very excited to share with you that we have 46 babies saved from abortion this year. Many other life changing experiences have also occurred in the lives of clients. There is nothing like seeing and listening to the people who have made positive changes in their lives and their children’s lives. It is fabulous to hold a newborn baby in your arms knowing that their life has been threatened by abortion but is now safe and being loved.

We recently received a letter from the State of Arkansas House of Representatives thanking us for the countless lives that have been impacted for the better. This was definitely an encouragement for us.

However, it has been a very difficult year. Because of the use of drugs and alcohol, abuse is rampant in our families. More and more children are at risk each day. We are diligently working hard to make a difference and teach parents how to be better parents and how important it is for children to have a stable family and home. Child abuse and abortion are important factors in the work we do. We care about children whether they are unborn or born.

Financially this has been a very difficult year. It is difficult for everyone. We do need your help. We do not accept government funding. We fear that it would restrict what we do. We are a faith based program and we give God honor and glory for everything. We are in the process of planning 2 fund raisers for the first half of 2016. We do need funds to meet obligations for 2015 including the balance of the funds needed for curriculum. I hope that you will take the enclosed envelope and that you will you take a few moments and write a donation check to help us save lives. Or , you may visit our web page and go to the donate button and make your gift .

Change Point is working hard to help families and to save lives. Thank you for your support and for all the prayers and words of encouragement.

Thank you and God bless you,
JoAnn Carter

Executive Director.