Ministry Supporters

Dear Ministry Supporters,

One of the exciting things about ministry is that you never know what is going to happen. You seek God’s direction, pray, step out in faith and leave the results to Him. At the Center, every appointment is seen as a divine appointment. We believe that God directs our clients to the Center. Before beginning each day and meeting with a client, time is spent in prayer, asking the Lord to move mightily in the counseling room, so that hope might be shared and received. I am so excited to be able to tell you how the Lord moved this year.

At the beginning of the day, the Center door opened and a young girl anxiously walked in. *Suzie looked around and quietly said that she came for a pregnancy test. Being under 16, see was nervous and apprehensive. During the time with her volunteer counselor, this young girl heard of the hope that she could have in a personal relationship with Jesus. This young girl opened her heart and asked Jesus to come into her life and take control. As the counseling session continued, she learned that she was pregnant. She decided to carry her baby to term and trust her new Savior to help her with her future that was uncertain and full of questions. In the face of uncertainty, the hope that she now has is that Jesus will never leave her or forsake her and she will never be alone.

*Brad and Cindy came in because they had both been addicted to drugs and had made some bad choices in their lives. They were court ordered to attend parenting. Since each class is built on biblical principles, Brad and Cindy soon become aware of the importance of allowing God into their lives. Cindy had a relationship with Jesus, but had put him on the back burner several years ago. Brad knew that he was missing something or someone in his life. Brad came to know Jesus and Cindy rededicated her life and both were soon finding a “ new” relationship that they had not experienced together. Their children had new parents that now cared about their lives.

This is why the Change Point Pregnancy Care and Parenting Resource Center exists. Because of the partnership of caring people, girls just like *Suzie and families like Brad and Cindy can find hope and help in a time of uncertainty and fear. God is mightily at work here in Hot Springs and it is a privilege to have the Lord use us to help save and change lives.

Where would girls like Suzie go if a ministry like Change Point was not available? What would happen to people like Brad and Cindy? Thankfully, the Lord has raised up men and women who desire to minister to families so that they can find hope and help. Through the prayers and support of people just like you who desire to stand with us, eternity is impacted. As we meet with those who are facing an unplanned pregnancy, or a topsy turvey family life, it would be a great encouragement if you could support the ministry with a financial gift and thanks to those who are giving already. Also, please continue to uphold the ministry of the Change Point before the Lord in prayer. We daily ask the Lord to continue to send families to the Center and we remain committed to be faithful in pointing everyone to Jesus, the answer to every need and the hope for every problem. Over 402 visits were made to Change Point during the month of March. We need extra volunteers. Working together, our community will changed as the lives of babies and families are saved and their hearts are touched by God. Thank you again for your prayerful support.

For Life,

JoAnn Carter
Executive Director * Name changed for confidentiality