Court Referred Parenting

Court Referred Parenting, Supervised Visitation, and Anger Control

* Parents who have lost custody of their children often have a need to improve their parenting skills. In these situations, the courts may require these parents to come to ChangePoint for Parenting Classes. Other parents choose to attend these classes voluntarily. (See the “One-on-One Parenting Classes” section for the content of these classes.)

* ChangePoint also supervises parental visitation by pre-arrangement. A large, comfortable play-room provides a relaxed atmosphere for these visits. Empathetic “Hands-On” parenting supplements parenting classes as clients receive intervention and instruction while in the process of interacting with their children during visits.

* A need to control anger and the behaviors that arise from it is a common dynamic in today’s families. Individual, Biblically based classes structured to enable and empower people to control anger in a constructive way are offered by ChangePoint staff and volunteers. All classes are curriculum based using respected, professionally published materials.Participation in the Anger Control program may be court ordered or voluntary.