Are You Asking Yourself These Questions?

Am I pregnant? blog2

If I am…

  • How can I tell my family?
  • Can I keep my baby?
  • Should I place my baby up for adoption?
  • Is abortion an option?
  • What does abortion involve?
  • If I’m pregnant, can I continue in school?
  • How can I get medical care?
  • If I can’t stay at home, where can I live until my baby is born?
  • Should I involve the baby’s father?
  • Is marriage the solution?

Then we’re here to help you!

The compassionate volunteers at the Care Pregnancy Resource Center are here for you.

They can help you discover all the resources available for you.

A trained volunteer will help you think through the consequences of each and possible alternatives that you may not have considered.

Free pregnancy testing is available for you, and parenting programs are available to help you to be a good mom.

Support persons are even here to help those who are recovering from a previous abortion.

We realize that decisions made during a crisis are often made impulsively or without adequate information.

But you don’t have to be uninformed.

We exist to make sure that you are proved with practical and emotional support as you face the crucial decisions surrounding an unplanned pregnancy.

Believing that your well-being starts with being well-informed, we seek to educate and counsel you on the emotional and physical aspects of pregnancy and the statements of options.

At a time like this, you need to know the facts. But you also need a friend; someone to listen and not condemn; someone to point you toward the help you need.

Don’t try to carry the weight of your worries alone.

Contact us and let us help you find the answers to your questions.